Artist Look: KisaBeauty

Miss Kisa, a personal favorite Femcees of mine has launched her Beauty Youtube channel KisaBeauty. The channel consists of makeup tutorials, beauty  testimonials,  as well product review. Miss Kisa is an underground Femcee, mostly known by the Juggalo community. Her brand and reputation has always been sexy, strong, and vivid. Which explains Kisa’s motivation to create a makeup channel. Personally as an admirer, I believed her makeup looks have always been one of her signatures.

The brilliance about KisaBeauty channel is not only the fact it’s Miss Kisa, but personable promotion. Giving supporters more insight into interests Kisa enjoys. As a rap artist, especially an underground rap artist. This is a wonderful showcase of multi desires, revealing diverse talent other than music. Teaching your supporters productively, bringing them inside your personal life, as well encouraging deep passion for your brand. This is a formula I believe all underground artists should consider. Not sure if this was Kisa intention, but watching Kisa doing something she has passion for with expanding her brand. I’m amazed as well intrigued.

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