Happy New Year!

This year has literally been heaven or hell. The beginning of 2015 I really can’t recall, but I knew it was productive. Made my first music video, featured in a web series, co-hosting for a pod cast, and developing my brand one step at a time.

Even though I experienced dramatic depression, it was inspiring as well as motivation. What spawned from it was a sense of creativity I thought wasn’t achievable. I gave myself so many excuses not to conquer  these vision, but pushing forward through the self-doubt. I’m surprised at the results, with optimism of what is to come.

Thank you everyone that have read my posts, I truly appreciate it! Thank you to everyone that have kept up with the interviews, expect more to come. Check out the interview tab for pass interviews from this year as well the year before.

Happy New Year

2015, I’m out this Junt!

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