A&B – Thirsty Bitch

Sexy, Seductive, Wild, songstress duo A&B, formally known as Hrt Brk from Hot and Messy Records. Came through with the flame, ‘Thirsty Bitch’ a new single release as revamped image A&B. Angela and Bryanna have made music together for seven years. Repping the Lower Eastside of New York, they tap into 80’s Break Beats, 90’s R&B, a flare of Electro, as well a kick of Hip Hop. Known as the ‘Fly Girls,’ they will leave you under their time warp spell to slap you back into reality with their convictions.

The single ‘Thirsty Bitch’ was explained as a sarcastic diss to all the ‘thirsty’ guys from the after set. Annoyed by the weird fascination men would exude for the duo. Angela (the writer) decided to take on the thirsty perspective as themselves, obsessing over a guy out of humor. Thirsty Bitch is edgy, fun, and you will find yourself dancing.

Exclusive interview this week, don’t miss it! First, check out the heat ‘Thirsty Bitch’ by A&B.



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