Style Review: Social Decay

Social Decay is based out of Brooklyn New York, creating sick ass graphic tees for men and women. Graphics are made in-house by the artist Matthew Blacker on hand printed tees. Social Decay is all about the underground, celebrating the night life and youth. The pleasure of wearing Social Decay Tees are not just in the graphic work, but the comfortably. Pieces are 50% cotton, 50% Model blend and made in the USA. Social Decay tees are light weight (not flimsy) and an easy transitional piece. Either you wear it plain or layered, the tees attract attention, leaving it to be a great conversational starter. Another plus, is the unique silhouettes. The art work is printed on Shredders. A sleeveless, long flair dress like top, with rugged hem line for a Rock n’ Roll look. Art work is also printed on quarter sleeves, crops, low scoop neck tops, hoodies, and sweatshirts. Whether you’re working out, eating lunch, going to the bar, or dressing up for a get together. Social Decay is a must have.

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