Stylist Insider: Styling Process

This is my closet, basically I separate bottoms from tops, dresses depends on how I feel about the piece. Some might say this is trifling, the brands that sent me pieces might feel a little offended that I didn’t take the time to hang their amazing pieces, but this is how I style dick heads. It’s a way to challenge myself; how fast I can conjure up an outfit, using visual senses, and taping into my emotion on how I would like to look. Yes, organized closets look great, but I’m not focus on the clothing anymore, I’m focused on the look of the closet its self, it’s very distracting.

Discovered this article to explain and back up my ideal. Makes me feel better about my cluttered lifestyle. Many should try this method, bask in the result as well emotion. Some can deal with it, many can’t. Personally, being raised to pack your spring|summer wear when its cold, pack your fall|winter wear when its hot, also hang your clothes. It drove me crazy, Las Vegas is not a traditional weather environment. The weather can be hot, rainy, dessert storm, freezing all in one day. So styling by environment/season is useless. Hanging pieces seem clean, but complete opposite through my perspective. That is lazy, not allowing spontaneity by simply picking up a piece and styling around it, using taste as well instinct. Hey, everyone is different, just remember be thoughtful with your creative process and stand behind them.

Article by John Haltiwanger

People Who Are Messy Aren’t Lazy, They’re Imaginative And Bold

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