Blogger Glimpse: City Girl Desert Doll

Autumn Myers, founder of City Girl Desert Doll is a breath of fresh air. It’s understandable to feel astonish that this particular blog is not shocking and in your face. Assuming the obvious for a spotlight on Missanalvomit. However, the core purpose of Missanalvomit is self-expression, versatility, as well quality; Autumn Myers fit this description. City Girl Desert Doll, is crisp, sweet, trendy with a little spunk. CGDD is effortless to take in, anyone can relate or become inspired reading the work. Autumn’s work speaks for its self, seeing her in action is amazing, her appeal is demanded by all age groups, male and female. Personally, reading CGDD makes me feel girly, yet informed, staying in tune with younger women outside the dark scene. Glance and fall in love with Autumn Myers’s City Girl Desert Doll.

City Girl Desert Doll; Young, Cool, and Lighthearted

Here is pieces from City Girl Dessert Doll. An interview with influential New York Artist Jaleel Campbell & CGDD perspective on MAGIC/Project trade show;

Monday Coffee & Art: Interview with Artist Jaleel Campbell

Project & Tents Report: Magic

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