Style Review: Iron Fist S/S 2015 Collection

As the hot weather nearly coming to an end, there is still weeks of basking in the heat. Iron Fist gave me the privilege to review their Spring/Summer collection. Iron Fist puts a twist on Spring/Summer style, with heavy use of skulls and gore throughout the line. The brand is Steam Punk and Goth-Punk inspired, with vintage silhouettes featured in some of their dresses. Prints are bold and in your face, plenty of tongue and chick graphics, as well bright tones to emulate the spring/summer feel.

A personal favorite piece of mine is the Ditzy Skull Dress. A lovely body fit sundress, perfect for spring and for those sexy summer evenings. The print is daring, so its perfect for day and night, with minimal accessories. The Ditzy Dress will make you stand out regardless. Another feature I enjoy is the fabric 95% Rayon, 5% Elastane, if washed it will not shrink. Plus, it explains the easy flow of the dress and its great absorbance of sweat. The dress is made to be easy care as well comfortable, while hugging the body in right places. A wonderful detail on the Ditzy Dress is the Skull Heads; far away it seems as polka dots, but it’s actually Skull Heads. Also the cross string back gives off a sensual look, that differs from a typical sundress. Making it an easy transitional dusk time dress, paired with booties.

To browse through previous looks from Iron Fist, check out The Stylist Perspective: Iron Fist Clothing. A look at their Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

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  1. susy1206 says:

    LOVE this post! Makes me look forward to summer again 🙂

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