Riviera Dreamin III

Last portion of the Riviera Dreamin Project. The models personal taste was utilize while concepting, their personal wardrobe was used to style the shoot. Tatiana’s final outfit served 90’s flirt, wearing a velvet skater skirt and flannel top wrapped around the waist, still staying in concept wearing a Kiss top. Great look for dusk going into the night. Night time has arrived and two out of three girls come together to serve great style. Kae’s final outfit is alternative grunge, street wear; the concentration and inspiration was on Kae’s personal style for the night look (same focus with the other models). Christine’s looks were simple classic Rock n’ Roll, all black pieces, accessories focused. Her look was chic, Christine has milky light skin, so the black boldly stood out. The silhouettes she wore gave her more wight, which looked amazing in pictures.

Story behind the set are three girls escaping from their home town, finding themselves in the Riviera’s Pin Ball of Fame/Arcade Area. They find stress relief by playing the assorted games and looking stylish at the same time.

Look Finale

Styled by MissAV

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