EDC Ready!

Unfortunately, going to this year EDC is not an option. However, for the last two years was amazing and life changing. Personally, I’m not a “raver” or “candy kid, ” just have common sense that the culture is more than annoying radio EDM music.

EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) has been given negative image of doped up zombies as well death. Some say, EDC is commercialized and not the true representation of the rave culture. Everyone has their viewpoint, my opinion is it’s a great experience, especially if you’re not a raver. The event its self is, “yes” scene, but the people and atmosphere make up for the lack underground edge. Thinking of how many people plan months ahead, waiting to escape their routine life, you can’t dampen the event. While filming this short, interacting with the people and even finding a favorite set, I never felt so comfortable. Getting a glimpse of the culture, scene or underground, was enough to respect it.

Working on the production for the short film through Mistress Project, has been an honor. Soaking up the music reminded me of how much I adore dance. Not the overly commercial played dance music, but underground Trans,  90’s house, and hard style. While doing homework I would listen to dance music to keep me productive, the only genre that kept me focus. So, some intimate connection is there. The film is to show the real EDC through Mistress’s eyes and depress all the negative media associated with the event. Here is Madam TV Present, EDC Las Vegas 2014:

(Madam Production) Shot by Kiana Robinson & Marianna Walker|Edit by Marianna Walker

For more check out M’FORM: ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL for photos.

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