Inspiration: Earl Sweatshirt’s IDLS Album

Looking through my now vintage Creative Mo Zen Mp3 player, clicking on Earl’s IDLS (I don’t like shit, I don’t go outside), trying to figure out how many times I’ve listen to the entire project. Well, glazing at the screen in shock, it has been the 116th time listening to this project [DAMN]! Obviously this is my shit, the album has completely set the tone for where I’m at in my life now. Despite, he is a bit younger than me, living an astounding life style. Reflection as well simplicity is the theme of the album. Leaving it to be engaging and exciting to hear the growth from Earl. I’ve slept on him before because nothing clicked. He is a dope MC, but I wasn’t that interested to listen to his earlier projects. So to make it up, I’ll do my research watching interviews enjoying his personality and gain respect for the movement as well creativity.

Roaming through Youtube watching interviews. Kendrick Lamar mentioned Earl then that sparked the thought to look him up. I watched the Earl Sweatshirt With Microphone Check interview. Viewing how different he was and his thoughts on the album, gave me the apprehension not to sleep on him anymore. The tone couldn’t be justified, I wasn’t there in person, but the vibe is obvious that Earl is accepting and glowing. Watching the interview as well listening to the album is inspiring. The feeling of growing contemplation being universal, that even famous people go through it, is a bit reassuring. Sometimes people, including myself forget that popular artist are humans. So, it is refreshing when an artist expresses translucency in their work.


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