RIP Riviera April 1955-May 2015

Last Monday the Las Vegas Strip oldest casino Riviera has finally closed indefinitely. Hearing the news last month about the closing made my heart drop. Riviera was actually a casino I enjoyed going to. Working on the Strip is a pain, but overtime you get use to it. When I needed a drink walking to the Riviera was no problem. It was chill, cheap, and comfortable. I didn’t have to get dressed up, it was walking distance, and it was low-key. As a local the Riviera was an appreciated spot, I’m not sure about staying there, but to drink and converse that was the Casino to go to.

The Strip is truly for the tourist; if it wasn’t before, it sure is now. Plus, the history of the Strip is really not understood or taken into consideration. Casinos like: The Star Dust, Sahara, and Rivera is a huge part of  Las Vegas history. Sadly enough, no one really cares unless you grew up to see these monumental places and bask in their presence. Being born and raised in Vegas it hurts when apart of Las Vegas history is disposable and replaced with concepts to entertain tourist. Constantly I’m reminded of the harsh reality, Las Vegas has always been disposable, the city is here for other people’s pleasure. That is how we survive as a city.

Now, I’m not sure. Down Town has been the new rave and its fine, but the problem is it’s a rave. There are over seekers banking off the rave of the Down Town area allowing businesses to over price. The business is understandable, the clean up of the area is wonderful. At the same time Down Town is easily going to be the “new Strip.” Where community isn’t community, but commodity. Locals don’t enjoy going near the Strip because they don’t feel welcome, “it’s for the tourist.” You need to over spend, dress up, and be in occasional mood to even enjoy the area. As a Vegas girl I had to grow up and work on the Strip to even enjoy it. Still, I had one spot where I can be comfortable and feel like a true Vegan on the Strip.

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