Style Review: Pharrell Williams Face of Chanel

Chanel latest campaign is featuring the homie and genius Pharrell Williams. At first glance the collection resembles a Polo lifestyle, yet an adventurous aesthetic. I asked one of my male acquaintance, “does Pharrell’s pieces look gay?”

Not getting the full sentence out, I got an immediate response of “YES.” Whatever, what does he know about Chanel, but some of the looks threw me off. Maybe it’s not a acquire taste, overall the collection looks posh and classic, which is the likeness of Chanel.

The only concern is the character of Pharrell? I mean, I don’t know how at ease I feel about Pharrell being a bellhop? I’m aware that Pharrell is “white people friendly,” but umm… Just think about it a little, just saying…

However, the song he produced for the brand knocks, as usual. So, while contemplating your opinion about the collection and campaign, enjoy the tune “CC the World” by Pharrell Williams ft. Cara Delevingne.

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