Heaven or Hell: Intimate Shopping

Lately, I’ve been in desperate need for panties. Honestly I haven’t went shopping for intimates since 2006 [DAMN]! I know, but my panties last so long because of my arrangement of period panties, not loosing/gaining dramatic weight, and simply just taking care of my panties. Now, having that in mind, you see why I wanted to go shopping. Initially, my thought was “this is going to be no brainer, go to the department store.” Back in 2006 that was the last place I shopped for under garments, so I had the same assumption to go there. WRONG, I didn’t take into consideration that my taste and needs are more different now, compared to back then.

Obviously now, I know what particular fit, fabric, and colors I enjoy. Back then, it was kind of whatever. Also, through the years of my mother having a Victoria’s Secret credit card she would get me something. “Things ain’t the same honey,” I’ve never been so frustrated going shopping for simple panties. First, I need comfort, so fabric is the most important. Please, can anyone tell me why every cotton pantie resembles granny panties? I love cotton or a light weight type of cotton, but the fit is not flattering or has bullshit lace all over it. I like mesh, its cool, but there’s lace everywhere NO MORE FUCKING LACE! Listen, its understandable lace is sexy to some and it is. However, if it’s actually polyester or synthetic fiber and not stitched in properly, its useless.

Personally, it’s a complete pain, I’m natural down there. The lace would get caught in my pubic hairs, then BAM, a hair bump. Oh ‘TMI’, well how about living the life; I refuse to compromise the length of my pubes. So, can I get some cute cotton bikini, thongs, hell, boy shorts? Nope! Then any decent panty I found wasn’t in my size because every female brought them all [seems I’m not the only one that feels the struggle].

Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Victoria’s Secret made me want to kill myself. Victoria’s Secret, don’t get me started. It’s understandable for Macy’s and Kohl’s not providing what I’m looking for, but Victoria’s Secret I should have known better. Walking in there alone pissed me off, any panties with the slightness of quality had lace all over it or fabric that makes me sweat. I walked through the store frantically with a headache, suddenly, I did the unthinkable.

My grown ass went into PINK, thinking this is where I shouldn’t be. Then assumption thing happened, “They’re not going to have lace here, this is the cheapest price point, so cute cotton panties are near.” WRONG, WRONG, there was double the lace, cotton panties with polka dots, tacky words, fucking bunnies all over it! “See, this is why I shouldn’t bring my grown ass in hear, I can’t.” The sight of thirteen year olds browsing through skimpy, practically thong panties haunts me till this very day. Friends have suggested, Marshalls and other discount stores, but really? This is Vagina Fashion, plus I truly want quality, simple, sexy panties. Maybe, I’m over thinking and overlooking, suggestions anyone?

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