Magic Season F/W 2015

February season of MAGIC in my opinion is slow. Despite the energy being a bit turn down as far as attendees. There were great seminars like:”Retailing 2030″ a presentation discussing innovative buying devices and robots running the store; a Pantone presentation explaining  “The Next Generation of Color,” elaborating on food being the new black. I even briefly listened to a panel deliberating how brands can create story telling online, importance of social media, and videos becoming the new media format to attract viewers on social media.

This season is definitely a time to take in all the interactive activities, instead of just walking around. Rule of thumb, if the booths or over all vibe is “turn down.” Take the time to venture into the seminars and panel presentations. However, the need to gravitate towards the Convention Center  (WWD Magic) was really not happening. I developed the feeling of “I’ve seen it already,” so the anticipation for August is present. In till then enjoy these images and patiently wait along!

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