Pool Trade Show|February 2015

During Magic week it can be chaotic. Networking, visiting booth to booth, and going to the after sets. I’ve had certain readers ask, “how do you do it?” Yes, it is over whelming, but after a while you’re able to prioritize and set an agenda. The past two seasons I developed a habit of overly staying at the convention center where WWD Magic is held, then travel to the Mandalay Bay (Project & Pool) the last day. February season is not action packed like August, but the energy is still there. Honestly, this time around WWD Magic was a bit slow, but I knew Pool wasn’t going to let me down.

Spending the last day at Pool Trade Show was the best decision. Everyone has their own personal favorite area. Pool just so happens to be my top favorite, it is very welcoming and full of good vibes. The booths stepped up their branding give-aways, there were plenty of upcoming brands, and even on the last day everybody was still full of spirit. All the vendors at Pool showed me endless love by simply walking around taking pictures.

The difference between Project and Pool is based on  personal preference. Attending Project for the second time, the feeling was still stuffy. Not every vendor was receptive or allowed picture-taking. Becoming extremely annoyed, walking into Pool was the complete opposite. Business owners and representatives treated me as if I was a client and understood the usefulness for press. Even certain booths remembered who I was, which made me feel appreciated. Thank you to everyone that conversed with me! The Magic video will premiere this Friday, till then enjoy these images!

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