Stitch Factory Present: Market Row

Last month I decided to get out of the house and attend Stitch Factory’s event Market Row. A craftsmanship, beauty, specialty assortment, and fashion fair. Arriving anxiously, not knowing what to expect. I set up my camera and swiftly gravitated towards a booth that caught my eye.Walking around feeling the vibe, it was wonderful. Loving the delicious aroma from the food trucks and artists of all kind converting. The gathering was a well thought out intimate event. Personally, getting out has not been a habit for myself lately. I’ve met so many nice artist and business owners that I’ve completely forgot to snap pictures. Which is unfortunate, however the images provided can give you an idea on the festivities.

Again, I really enjoy and appreciate The Stitch Factory for throwing another successful event. It was great seeing some new faces and talking to other artists. Arriving home I felt very inspired as well as motivated to keep working at my goals. Simply being out there put a little fire in myself to keep politicking.

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