The Stylist Perspcetive: Fall|Winter

The inspiration behind the styles were edgy mod mixed with nostalgia. The styles show simple pieces that can be dressed up or down and vibrant prints to spice up the looks. Honestly, I freely put pieces together. There was not that much conscious thinking, I never think to hard when I style. I get aroused by prints and textures. The one thing I wanted to showcase the most was velvet and leather pieces, in my opinion that screams F/W. Those are my favorite fabrics, every time I go to Good Will its easy for me to find a velvet skirt or pant. Leather, I’m a sucker for pleather or leather pieces it haunts me almost.

Key Notes

  • Think Las Vegas weather
  • Layering
  • Mix bright colors w/ muted tones
  • Mix short and long silhouettes
  • Model’s skin tone
  • Recycled pieces

Day Look

Cotton denim-like jacket w/ leather skirt, high waist & mini.

Evening Look

Polyester-spandex printed top w/ high waist leather skirt & All Saint’s Jules Boot.

Layering & a Night/Day Look

1. Spandex pant w/ printed rayon top.  2.Polyester top w/ velvet straight skirt

Dress Up or Down Look

Cotton-spandex strap top w/ skater skirt & All Saint’s Jules Boot.

Styled by: Kiana Robinson (Missanalvomit) MUA by: Sky Hale

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