Inspiration: Joey Badass Creative Director for Ecko

The other day I was surfing through my Youtube and saw a Dj Vlad interview with Joey Badass. The interview was evolved around Joey’s experience being the Creative Director of Ecko at the age of seventeen. He goes into detail with his personal relationship with CEO Mark Ecko and the involvement he had with the brand. Joey states, “Mark taught me a lot. He put me on to a lot of things in the game that is occurring now,” addition to saying the conversation he had with Mark two years ago was forecasting current happenings in the culture. Joey didn’t go into complete detail on what Mark put him up on when asked by Vlad, but that others should be astonished by the Ecko staff on how head of the game they actually seem. Further into the interview, Joey explains his duties being a Creative Director and what is a Creative Director.

Watching the interview made me feel inspired as an aspiring Creative Director. In the interview Dj Vlad emphasized on how young Joey was and being the Creative Director for a major clothing brand. Highlighting that brought me back into the thought of anything can happen to anyone, you just have to be true as well as determined. Joey Badass is a rap artist, fashion is like a second passion, music is always his main focus. So, with that in mind fashion being my first love, if I just continue staying true to myself and freely express my work it will be recognized. Then sooner or later someone out there will truly appreciate it. When one big opportunity comes along other ventures will tumble over like a domino effect. Maybe not as soon compared to Joey Badass, but I don’t see that being the point. He is already a musician, one of the youngest and respected in the rap game.

Becoming Creative Director came along with the territory, it was a one in a life time experience for Joey. An experience that broaden his career, it shows his versatility as an all around artist. Ecko really excites me by embracing young artists and fusing the young generation. Ecko demonstrates a clear tactic on believing in the youth’s strong vision for the fashion world, encouraging the thought of a young person having valued artistic insight.

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