One evening on Instagram, I was contacted by a PR representative to view the artist David Gevorkov and his art performance at the Springsioux for Paris Fashion Week. The collection exudes what I call “Futuristic Renaissance.” In this day and age society as we know it is still adapting to the usage of technology. Either its development of a new material, a hi-tech discovery for virus prevention, or usage of social media. In current times having a brick-and-mortar is becoming an accessory rather than  necessity, development on Online shopping is always being refurbished. Lately, the trend has been the merge between technology and fashion, its influence and the designers interpretation of the future.

David Gevorkov collection has a slight twist. He’s more focus on the romanticism between human and robot. Showcasing the woman as the primary stature of this connection and the robot is secondary; nothing can beat a woman’s affection rather its sexual or compassionate. Selected David’s Road couture collection was showcased, leaving attendees admired by the craftsmanship. In the collection tulle, leather, jersey, and embroidery were main features in the collection. The collection reminded me of the movie I Robot. I had to relate the mood to something I was familiar with for my personal interpretation. I’m not saying Will Smith is going to pop out of nowhere, guns blazing with his robot homie behind him. The story behind I Robot was intriguing, revealing the dysfunctionality between humane customs and the advancement of robots. Will Smith’s character is still stuck/reminiscing on how things use to be, when humans did things on their own or for each other. Softly applying the movie plot into factual life, as a society we would have to adapt to the thought of a robot being our friend, help, or partner. Some have a problem with this imagination, almost finding it disturbing and would believe this could be the end of “man-kind.” Others are toying with the controversy, not afraid to explore into the thought.

By David Gevorkov being an exploring artist the collection speaks for its self. What I enjoy about his work is that he’s not afraid of expressing himself to the fullest. Gevorkov let’s his imagination lead the way, leaving others inspired and stimulated by their own thoughts. Going beyond my research I surfed through the David’s Road website, I was astonished with the runway shows. Admiring the visuals of people having body modification as a widely excepted custom, using minimalistic silhouettes to symbolize on traditional/familiar fashion (post tech days), and serving futuristic aesthetic with muted tones in the pieces. Gevorkov’s collections showcases a sense of emptiness, mad thinking, and destruction. Then you get a sense of empowerment, confidence, and individualism. The yin-yang is definitely present in his pieces, from his current collection to his previous collections.

Gevorkov has a crystal ball, his interpretation on how society can resemble going further into the technology age is precise. I’m honored to view his performance, enjoy the video and images from the show!

Right side: David Gevorkov

Jean-Luc Dupont @ Systeme D


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