Magic Season S/S 2015

Like tradition, I gathered footage from the latest MAGIC season in August. This time around I took it easy. I just started a new gig and like always that left me exhausted. While MAGIC was going on I was training for my new job, that left me only able to attend two days of the show. So, I made the best out of it.

Usually I wouldn’t care much for men’s wear, but I found myself gravitating towards the area. The goal was to concentrate on areas I haven’t ventured into and it happened so naturally. The men’s wear area was really captivating; being my first time in the area I was pleasantly surprise. My past impression of men’s wear is that its boring, maybe because I’m a young woman and I’m involving my personal taste. This time around instead of worrying about my personal taste the main focus is inspiration. Exploring through men’s wear left me knowledgeable and aware. Viewing the simplicity in certain pieces and becoming mindful of men looks was a wonderful experience.

After walking through men’s wear and Tent I gradually made my way toward the women’s. There were plenty of vibrant colors, furs, and popping embellishments for the spring. Women’s Project was not the only showroom that exude that, but when arriving to MAGIC  it was just as exciting. The fuse between spring and fall pieces were well put together as the new trend is to mix two different season together. Giving the pieces versatility and unconventional styling.

The next day I took a quick glance at what Sourcing had to offer. Suppliers were categorized by country, there were over 40 countries under one roof. After awhile I became a bit bored, so I proceeded to the WWD MAGIC White showroom.

 WWD White featured  upcoming designers like: Paul Redmond, Dom Streater, and Anubha Srivastava for the Emerging Designer Showcase. Everyone’s collection was beautiful and eye-catching. Usually I’m gravitated more into the young contemporary, but this time around I really enjoyed women’s contemporary. Pieces were elegantly detailed, vivid, and had complex structure. I saw classic gowns to light colorful active wear. The sick accessory alert, goes to the amazing Timmy Woods! She is a lively woman; we chatted about photography, her father, and her work. Miss Wood’s vibe was candid and humorous , talking to her was a blast. Other than Miss Wood’s zesty personality her collection of purses also oozed the same feel. Timmy Wood accessories are true fashion art, her beautiful Eiffel Tower bag  was featured in the first Sex and the City movie. Also big names like Diana Ross and Liz Taylor has collected her bags.

The connections that were made this time around made up for the lack of availability I didn’t have. However, I enjoyed connecting and the beautiful fashions as usually. Till next time, enjoy the images!



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