What is Fashion Blogging?

fashion blog post

Since I have involved myself into blogging, it’s been a bit stressing. At first it was fun, but since I been through personal changes lately blogging has been the last thing on my mind. Plus, I’ve experienced some uneasy interactions with stuck-up, bougie fashion bloggers. You know, the stereotypical fashion blogger thinking because they have so many followers and own the latest piece from some collection.”You’re beneath them, you shouldn’t be blogging or attending this event.” They are obsessed with how many followers everyone else has and that is the entity of a blog. Don’t get me wrong it’s fine to take pride of your popularity and what you’ve built, but calm down.

I had a chat with my friend (who has a fantastic blog) about this very issue. She was conversing to me about how she has to have this many follows, this type of content, and feature this bitch to be a legit fashion blogger [blah blah blah]. I had to tell her fuck all that! That should not be the main focus of fashion blogging. It should be about the dedication to your content and message. Everyone has their own way of expressing their message, if that’s just through pictures that’s fine. However, when I once told by a fashion instructor that “fashion people do not like to read.” I don’t believe that’s how we should be portrayed to other industries. With that comment made to me, that’s what inspired me to push Missanalvomit and how I wanted to format my blog.

At the end of the day, as fashion bloggers or bloggers in general we’re here to inspire and to give a message. Don’t get obsessed with this “followers” thing, most of the time that’s what stops an inspiring blogger to begin the creating process. Having that worrisome thought in their head of “I need a trillion followers to become considered a “true” blogger.” In the beginning I was obsessed with the followers issue, now I don’t care anymore. I have 638 to date and I’m fine with that. Plus, you can’t even imagine the randoms that might stumble upon your blog and helped them in the process.

So, what is fashion blogging to you? Being offline for so long, the care for being considered a fashion blogger is the least. I just enjoy sharing and want to use blogging as a platform to express. Again, what is fashion blogging? Anyone that is starting out, this is the advise I’ll give you. Think about your intentions for being a fashion blogger. Do you want to do it for the popularity, for the artistic value, for journalism, or all of the above? What ever it is it will obviously show in your work. Its something to think about…

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