WWD MAGIC Season F/W 2014 Re-Post

MAGIC is around the corner. I’m already getting prepared for August, which is forecasting S/S 2015 season. In my opinion this is the best time to go to MAGIC. However, I would like to share what you can expect from MAGIC by showing the S/S season this was back in February. You’ve seen my previous MAGIC experience, but this time around I’m covering different parts of the convention.

First, I took a glimpse at  Sourcing, the MAGIC foundation. Sourcing is a sector of the convention where textiles and materials are discussed and innovations are presented. Different manufacturing companies from around the world  come out for the buyer’s with textiles as well possible manufacturer opportunities for the apparel brands.

After, seeing what Sourcing had to offer I went to the women’s contemporary area where it was poppin! What ever caught my eye, I stopped and snapped away.

Booths were not the only thing I was paying attention to. The people stood out the most, everyone was stylish representing their  brand by wearing it. Everyone had their own goal for attending the convention, but the common was everybody was there to do research. Not to just look all cute and show off, just genuinely there to do research and make connections. That’s what I like to feel in the air.

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Continuing my quest throughout the convention certain  brands caught my eye through prints, patterns, or even the brand name.

As I was walking around and letting the booths catch my attention I found this cool booth Vida Kush. I don’t know what stop me, but the jewelry was beautiful and the designer (Rhianna Cooper) was nice. What was also cool Rhianna’s mother (Rafia Cooper) was the booth next to her (Rafia). Rafia’s  jewelry pieces were amazing as well. Both brands were bold yet simple. Nothing was obnoxious every piece was chic, but yet made a strong statement. Both brands had jewelry that completed an outfit fairly and wouldn’t take away from the outfit.Even, some of the body pieces Vida Kush offered were still just-right with a sense of sexiness. Nothing too overly chunky or abrasive. You can see the mother and daughter design comparison relatively  easy, but they also have their own style and taste.

I was also really attracted to the accessories and eye wear both MAGIC/Project had to showcase. Eye wear was my favorite so many trendy, innovative styles .

As tradition, every season I would go to my usual area in MAGIC to see all the cool hard edge alternative brands. I was pleasantly surprise to see more new brands and my classic favorite brands still standing, showcasing some really cool looks from their latest collection. My personal favorite was Iron Fist, I didn’t see them last year so I assume they were new. The staff was really cool and they enjoyed my blog name, so they get much respect. Their pieces remind me of the decor in Cash 4 Chaos and classic Gothic street style.


Then, I got the chance to make it to the Platform area. Platform showcases the next trendy looks for foot wear. Just like Sourcing Platform also highlights innovative ways to exceed shoe designing. However, the honest reason of me being there was to support the homies  Eduardo Valencia and Vuong Tran. Both entered into a shoe design competition (Pensole) sponsered by Platform and Pensole Academy. Eddie entered in the children category and Vuong was in women’s. Neither one of them won the competition, but it was all good everybody was supportive. Everyone did a great job and left their mark at Platform, good job guys!

The last day of MAGIC I actually had time to make it over to Project. Project is held at the Mandalay Bay were Pool, ENKVegas, Tents @Project, Sportswear, Men’s suiting/contemporary, and Urban wear are showcased in one roof. Being there for the first time in a while, the vibe was hip and high energy. After awhile I personal felt unwanted by some brands as well as people. The vibe suddenly reeked of the stereotypical fashion folk; acting as if their to good, cold, or would rather be somewhere else. Maybe because it was the last day? I don’t know, but that type of energy made me leave the project area quickly. [Side note] Thank you to the brands that did welcome the camera and myself.

Experiencing that ordeal I had better hope for Pool. Pool Trade Show showcases more of the indie fashion brands and is a little more intimate than Project. Pool was enjoyable in my opinion, the vibe and energy was positive. I actually had conversation with brand owners and they were actually humble, Pool was more of my scene. Hearing brand background stories from the founder’s mouth and seeing the faces behind the brands made the Project experience refreshing. I actually felt inspired, embraced, and motivated by my fellow fashion artists.


Killstar Occult Luxury


Castles Couture

Each season there is something different going on . So, let’s be patient together for August and enjoy these highlights!


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