El Espanol Cosmopolitan

October 2013

I was referred to the El Espanol Cosmopolitan runway show  through my school, it was my pleasure to attend and help out as a dresser. I arrived early and had a chance to talk with lovely people and take plenty of pictures. The vibe was wonderful,the super sexy and fun clothes were sponsored by Macy’s. The fashion show was compliment to the Latin Grammy week going on at that time. The runway show was held at 1oak in the Mirage Hotel. Despite the gloominess night the turn out was exceptional. I didn’t get the chance to see the actual runway show, (remember I’m the dresser). So, I was pretty busy, but I made sure to get as much footage as I can and interact with everyone. The models were the main attraction that night. Not because they’re models, but that they were nice and full of personality. The time spent with these ladies was so much fun. Great job girls!!

Other than the models, I introduce myself to others in gauging about the details of the event. Kari Kisch a wonderful women was the director of beauty for the runway show. She was in charge of the makeup and hair looks for the models. Herself and the makeup team were also promoting Bhumi Makeup. Bhumi is relative new on the market and sponsor of the  show. Bhumi is made with man-made materials, free from animal hair. The way Bhumi brushes are angled and the placement of the fibers make Bhumi unique. Kari as well as her team did an awesome job with hair and makeup. Speaking of hair, I also introduced myself to Clark  Russell winner of Battle of the Strands. The show was a platform as well further promotion for the incredible hair artist. Russell was  showcasing his winning look on Battle of the Strands  and promoting his salon at El Espanol Cosmopolitan. Russell  was ecstatic about the show, having me take pictures of his self branded hair spray and giving shout outs [laugh]. So, congrats to you Mr. Russell I wish you lots of success. Thank you again to everyone I’ve talked to, it was a wonderful experience. I hope to see you all again in the near future!





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