WWD Magic Season S/S 2014 Re-Post

In August, MAGIC Trade Show was the main focal point of my fashion week adventure. People from all over the world came to Las Vegas for the show, and I took full advantage.I’ve connected with so many people; not just about business, but also shared personal stories. I really couldn’t talk all business because I was working at MAGIC, representing for the company Fashionjobs.com.  The opportunity was referred to me from a friend, so I went on the Fashionjobs.com site to check it out.  Fashion Group is based out of Paris, France it is an online service for fashion professionals. Any professional in the fashion industry can use Fashion Group as a resource to look for potential employees, get updated news in the fashion industry, or to be advertised. Fashion Group has three sister companies: fashionjobs.comfashionmag.com, and fashionnetwork.com. All the websites offer specific things for professionals to use and network with others, the websites are pretty much self-explanatory at what they offer. At MAGIC I was the representative for fashionjobs.com. Fashionjobs is a resource for employers to find that potential employee  and vice versa for job seekers, it’s a great website. By finding this opportunity on the website, really proves fashionjobs.com is a valuable resource.

During my free time I had sometime to visit my favorite booths of the show. Booth’s like: Bettie Page, Kreepsville 666, Tripp NYC , Too Fast, and Ellie Shoes (who’s partnered with Bettie Page the brand). I love interacting with this particular area of the show because it feeds my Gothic inspiration and foundation. It keeps me up-to-date with the lifestyle and where its going in the industry. The market for these  intrinsic styles are small, it’s a specialty. So, visiting these brands shows my appreciation for the daring  pieces and culture. Also, walking around I ran into different people here and there.I introduced myself to Mayor Goodman and Christopher Griffin (Vice President of MAGIC), both men were very nice.


The best part of the show is the scheduled fashion shows and photo shoots being held.Being so busy I didn’t get the chance to see all the runway shows, but the last one on Wednesday was good enough the looks were tremendous. The photo shoot was also great to witness, the energy was there and it was studying experience for me as a photographer.

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Collective After Party


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Featured Cupcake Mafia, Prep Jerks, Divas & Dolls, Qloak, and My Brothers Keeper.

After working, things became more adventurous. My friend and I traveled to the MGM to attend a Collective After Party featuring top urban brands. The pieces from each collection were eye-catching. Especially from Cupcake Mafia maybe because I love cupcakes or the usage of yellow.

An hour has passed at the party, and my friend informed me of another event going on at The Act in the Palazzo. It was the official Joyrich Magic Trade Show Party with live performance by Brooke Candy and DJ Madameoiselle Yulia. I heard Brooke Candy and immediately wanted to go, we walked from the MGM to the Palazzo. The walk was a brutal 1 mile , but we were determined to get there. Once we realized how early it was we waited for a awhile. My friend became really tired so she called her ride to come pick her up. As we were waiting for her ride in the valet, she realized that Pharrell Williams was standing around talking to Swizz Beats. I boldly enough went up to him thinking it was a look-a-like [yeah it wasn’t]. I introduced myself then the star struck feeling began to kick in. There was no screaming involved, just an outer body experience and the lack of words. I only recalled on how nice he was and that I made him laugh, other than that I can’t recall anything else. [laugh]

After that whole ordeal I came back to the club and saw Brooke Candy perform. She was a bit rude and seemed irritated because no one was really there to see her. Still, don’t give off rude vibes to people who are actually there to see you. The party was still cool and the music was poppin, DJ Madameoiselle Yulia was great I enjoyed her set.

The whole week was overwhelming and enjoyable at the same time. There were so many surprises that occurred, I can’t wait for next season. This MAGIC week was the best MAGIC week by far.

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  1. Beautiful Pictures and I love the blue dress at the top.

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