Chic CEO Present: XX Launch Party

Alright, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. I been gone for a while, but I’m back with tons of experiences that I’d like to share…

August was that “month,” the month of madness. The first event I attend was The Chic CEO Present: XX launch party conjunction with SXSW V2V. Hosted and sponsored by the Stitch Factory held at the Gold Spike lounge and bar. The event was celebrating professional women in all industries with the goal to come together and network. Chic CEO is behind the event and organization that support and embrace business women.  The event was amazing, I got the chance to network with bloggers, designers, and techies.The event included VIP swag bags, giveaways, cocktails, female DJ Monstertrvcks, and the guys were representing that night. [Laugh], it kind of felt like there were more guys than women, but it’s all good. The connection I made with women was way more fulfilling than anything. I met this awesome jewelry designer Anna Swonetz. At first, a man was lingering around the display table of beautiful jewelry. I asked, “are you the designer?” He politely said, “No, my wife is (Anna Swonetz).”All of sudden we just started engaging in conversation about how she got started and her background in jewelry making. After ten minutes I finally met Anna, she was so nice. I began to ask her the same questions, then we engage in conversation about what material she uses for her bracelets and things of that nature. Anna was full of energy and thrilled about the Vegas scene, I enjoyed her company.Check her out!

In the mist of talking to Anna, I bumped into Cheryl Ting. She is the founder and designer of Anika Dali an accessory brand that specializes in beautiful scarves. Cheryl and I started to talk about how hard it is to start a business, and she told me her personal story about how she got started. She was very humble and thankful. Anika Dali scarves were featured in the VIP swag bags, she was stoked for the free advertisement for her line. Cheryl asked me to look inside my VIP bag and check out the scarf. I fulfilled her request,the scarf is so cute.

 My first owned scarf. Check out AnikaDali!

After talking to Cheryl,I got the chance to briefly say “Hi” to Tony Hsieh. He was really busy having a good time, so I didn’t want to hold him up (at least I got a picture.) There were plenty of other people I met at this event, but I can’t remember all of them. However, I know eventually this post will be shared around and hopefully everyone I talk to will reach out. Once again, thank you to the Stitch Factory, SXSW, and Chic CEO for an  admirable event.

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