Pin Up Rendezvous Fashion Show

I got the chance to receive an invitation to the Pin Up Rendezvous fashion show, it was a wonderful event. The liquor, the girls, the fashion, the site I was really impressed. At first I was confused arriving later in the event because I didn’t know anything about the designer or the collection. I was just told it was vintage 50’s themed, so come dress to impress [that’s not hard to do]. Walking around and snapping shots, observing the environment. Everyone was so nice and chill, I don’t know if it was the hypnotic, but for the most part everyone was having a good time. The place was hot! Not due to the beautiful women it literally was hot, but the show most go on!

What was enjoyable about this fashion show, it wasn’t a basic fashion show. The shows I’ve been to so far were basic: you arrive there, wait, the show starts, and then you leave. That’s fine I’m aware the focus has to be on the fashions, but “what about the vibe?” That’s what this show provided, it had a theme and activities to take up time. It was a SHOW with burlesque dancers, live performers, and raffles. There was so much going on to keep up the spirits and I really enjoyed that, it wasn’t just sitting down and waiting for the fashion show to start. The Pinup Pointe showcased so many amazing art work pieces I pretty much was distracted in till the fashion show started.

Remember, I didn’t know what the hell was going on. When I got invited by my friend and via Facebook I didn’t read the invention. I just made sure of the time and place sounds terrible, but true. So, expectations wasn’t crossing my mind, if there is girls, art, alcohol, and fashion I’m there. After the fact is when I read the invention and understood what was going on. The show hosted a fundraiser for Action Red a HIV/AIDS awareness and health navigator organization. The organization’s purpose is to help the people affected with HIV/AIDS and to aware the community about HIV prevention. The Pin Up Rendezvous fashion show was not just a night of fun it also had meaning and a cause.

Finally, the fashion show began. I immediately observed the pieces not knowing much about the designer or her aesthetic. Observing all night of the people and theme I was using my logical judgment when looking at the pieces. The feel was vintage 50’s that exude ladylike with a  mix of dominatrix style. The colors were dark and fun, the silhouettes were sexy and playful. The collection concept was a mixture of two extremes; One extreme is fun, cute, and girly. The next extreme was dark, dominant, sexy, and bold. In my opinion this showcased the different types of woman we want to be. If you want to be cute and flirty wear your favorite short round dress, if you want to be vivacious and dominate wear a corset. That’s what I perceived from this collection, overall the line was beautiful and can’t wait to see more in near future.

Pin Up Rendezvous Fashion Show by Mina Kahn Inc.

Designer: Mz.Mina Kahn Http://

Action RED Organization

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