Kanyce Howell & Knaughty Kouture Swim Wear

Knaughty Kouture is a swim wear line based out of Las Vegas. Inell Wilson is the founder and designer of Knaughty Kouture. I met her during Fashion Week Las Vegas back in February. Now, we teamed up in the honor of  Kanyce  Howell. Kanyce Howell (the hair stylist) brought everyone together for this awesome photo shoot, featuring Knaughty Kouture spring collection swim suites and Kanyce Howell hair styles.

I had a blast and the pictures came out great. I took a couple of behind the scene shots, but had to stop because I was a model that needed to focus on getting ready. However, the photographer and editor was Dammeon Casales (AKOMA Studios) did a fantastic job. Big thanks to everyone involved. Thank you to Kanyce and Knaughty Kouture for the opportunity.

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Knaughty Kouture: http://www.knaughtykouturellc.com/

Kanyce Howell: http://stylistnmotion.tumblr.com/

AKOMA Studios: https://www.facebook.com/AkomaPhotography?fref=ts

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  1. Lovely collections and I like the gold color swim-wear.

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