F*ck Cox Cable

Cox has completely ruined my morning! Cox Cable is a cable, phone and internet provider. Due to the area I live in, they’re the only service that provides basic cable. The other option is satellite, I can’t have satellite due to the positioning of my apartment building. So, I am forced to only go through Cox Cable and once again [key word, once again] I receive terrible service!

I would like to share with everyone and to warn. Don’t bother with Cox, if you’re deciding to have cable in your home. It’s not worth it, I’m back to watching good ol’ educational PBS like back in the day. Don’t think I left without making a complaint! Here is my form I left on their website:

This form is regarding the dissatisfaction I have with Cox. The services are not affordable or fare at all. There was a mistake made on Cox behave for misleading the service that I was paying for. I was made to believe for 2 months that I was paying 34.00 something dollars for channels like: VH1, Bravo, MTV (the channels I watch the most). No, technically the 34.00 package only consists of 17 channels. That is ridiculous! I found this out when Techs came to my home to connect the home phone line and to disconnect the supposedly xtra channels I was receiving. I was very angry as well displeased and I knew I shouldn’t have trusted Cox! This is my second time dealing with Cox, and the experience both times have been terrible. With overly priced television deals and Tech nightmares. I hope Cox as a business get what they deserve, and pay for their terrible service!!

– Pissed the Fuck off Customer!!

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    1. Hahaha your welcome. I was really upset hahaha

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