Chic on the Street

This was kept in my vault and I completely forgot to share it. The event was planned by Art Institute students as a class project back in March. The whole class goal is based around creating a fashion show in 11 weeks.

A class I already took quarters ago (We can Do It Fashion Show), the concept was career chic looks from previous decades. There were three other students including myself working 11 weeks putting everything together from; press release kit, site, flyers, models, picking out a store to offer clothing, music, and even the concept of the show. It was a lot of work, but well worth it. Participating in this specific course motivated me to want to become an event and fashion show planner.

The concept of this show is New York chic street wear, inspired by the different boroughs of New York. Their location was the Stitch Factory in Downtown Las Vegas. The outfits were provided by Amari, Haute Chix, Treasures, Frenzy, and Hush & Hustle. Plenty of people came out to show support, I arrived a little late, but I immediately began snapping shots of the scene and chatting with others before the show actually started. The outfits didn’t really reflect the concept like I expected to, and I wish there were more looks involved. Also you can tell some of the models weren’t experienced in walking, not even a little. However, the show was good and I heard the girls got a passing grade. At the end of the day that’s all that matters.

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  1. anna mack gordon says:

    interesting work. keep it moving!

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