Fashion Alley

Fashion Alley Feb. 20 

In the mist of Fashion Week I had time to attend another event that was going on, Fashion Alley hosted by The Stitch Factory in the Downtown area. The event was amazing I met plenty of local designers, listen to great live performers, and even met Coco & Breezy eye wear designers from LA.

I wasn’t sure at first what I was apart of, but I believe it was the VIP showing of the local designers collections. The main event was actually in a back alley next to a bar (I forgot the name of it). However, don’t get it mistaken just because it was in a alley doesn’t mean it was tacky. That’s what made the location and concept even more interesting, it was like a block party feel. The event was sponsored by Zappos, there was a live performance (which killed it by the way, they where covering the old school jams), cool acrobatic performers, and more showcasing of the collections from the VIP party.

I had a wonderful time! The Stitch Factory is really making a name for themselves in the Las Vegas area, I would love to work with them some day. Check out their website & Facebook.

Designers: * *

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