XXL Freshman Class 13′

Recently, I just voted for XXL Magazine’s 2013 Freshman for the first time, most rappers on the list I wasn’t familiar with. However, the names that looked familiar made me contemplate on who would I vote for, names like: Ca$h Out, SpaceGhostPurrp, Vinny Cha$e, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Chief Keef, Lola Monroe, Action Bronson, Dizzy Wright, Gunplay, Riff Raff, & Trinidad James.

My break down thoughts and opinions about these rappers.

Ca$h Out – Suck!

SpaceGhostPurrp – G as Fuck! He produces his own beats, which I love. He has a great look, also he’s from Florida. I’m feeling that.

Vinny Cha$e – He’s another Asap Rocky. I’ve watched an interview he did with Young Jack Thiller, Vinny claims comparing him to Asap Rocky is a lazy comparison, but I’ve heard a couple of tracks and that’s who he sounds like. I’m not impressed.

Ab-Soul – My baby! He is a genius; he really brings up topics that the people need to hear and sparks conversations. I remember one day I was kicking it with the homie, and we went to his homie’s house. While we where there a conversation came up about how Ab-Soul was going to get assassinated for bringing up certain topics in his verses. At that point I didn’t hear his music yet, I only watched an interview he did with Young Jack Thriller- didn’t think much of it, I was just being curious. Now, that I heard a good chuck of his music, he’s perfect. Perfect for what Hip Hop needs right now.

Schoolboy Q – Just like Soul, he’s what the game needs now. He has that great balance of Ratchetness and Righteousness about him.

Chief Keef – Hell no!! He’s strictly an entertainer, I’m not voting for a five minute entertainer. He’s the club rapper type and his career will be short-lived. His career can not be uphold in this short-spanned and fast pace generation, he will be long forgotten sooner or later.

Lola Monroe – She’s not bad, but she’s not good; Obviously, there’s better female MC’s. I’m shocked Azealia Banks is not on the list because I would’ve voted for her. I’m not impressed with Lola.

Action Bronson – I’ve watched interviews of him, heard a little of his music, but I really didn’t explore into his sound. It seems like he would be good though.

Dizzy Wright – Know of his name, but never explored into his sound. He also seems like he would be good.

Gunplay – He has potential, you’ll have to have an acquired taste for his music, but I understand the Down South sound- I really enjoy it. I think he reps for Florida pretty well. Now, that I think of it would’ve voted for him..

Riff Raff – He is an entertainer. Like I said, “I don’t vote for entertainers,” I vote for MC’s. Yes, he raps better than Lil B, but he still reminds me of B with that garbage ass hipster fad image.

Trinidad James – I need to see more growth from him. Right now he’s a fad. It would be obvious if he made the cover of XXL that he is a fad.

Narrowing it down. Two rappers of my choice…

 AbSoul+recipe2   SpaceGhostPurrp+SGP

 Ab-Soul                                     VS                      SpaceGhostPurp

It took a whole day to make my decision, I chose SpaceGhostPurp. Now, don’t get it twisted Ab-Soul is a genius, but that’s my point I don’t want Ab-Soul to be associated as a freshman. XXL is not ready for someone like Ab-Soul, there should be a Black Hippy cover or an Ab-Soul cover. His music is of quality and standard, so I expect the same standard when it comes to media exposure. Yes, it will be a great look for Ab-Soul, but would it be better to have a XXL Black Hippy Cover? That sounds a little bit better.

SpaceGhostPurp is really a freshman to me. His main background is being a producer, he’s produced beats for Asap Rocky and for homies in Raider Klan. He’s been under the radar for a while, and for someone who is multi-talented deserves the recognition. “That Raider Klan shit goes hard!” I believe XXL would excel he’s career well, and XXL is looking for someone who has a look anyway. Someone who has a lot of internet presences, and stupid shit like that. I don’t believe XXL cares about having true MC’s on the list unless the artist is signed to a major label. Not saying SpaceGhostPurp is wack. The cover will lead him on the fast track to mass exposure, other than Ab-Soul. The mass is not ready for someone like him, Hip Hop is still in its “Pop phase” and going through a stand-still.

Let’s see when the cover comes out!!

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