Style Clash: Africa meets 60’s Mod

Pass & Current


The mod 60’s style was associated with the night clubs of London as it’s influence.

Due to culture differences of course the color usage is different at some point of the garments, but what the two styles share is strong prints, the use of draping, & sharp chic silhouette.


The comparison of African design & 1960’s mod is the sense of expression and geometric shape. The use of bold color with chunky accessories are also what the two share.

36732553180246773_So0Iu9gG_c 120330621263693289_Q1JDIeHs_c 248331366923126451_JBna67Ro_c  209698926368973659_VgEVBNZl_cObsession+du+jour+African+fashion+ciaafrique obsessiondujour_ciaafrique_african_beauty re-bahia-Africanfashion-ciaafrique2 tumblr_m5ikrjiIjb1r5n49po1_1280modgirlsn tumblr_m0p11qAna21r961bco1_500_large

Do you see the Comparison & Inspiration?

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