Colors: Ann Taylor

I’ve worked at Ann Taylor for 4 months now, and I surprisingly enjoy it. When I think of Ann Taylor I think of “old lady,”but I don’t have that thought anymore from a brand/business perspective. I really do appreciate the company for staying up-to-date and above the curve with innovative prints. The silhouettes are still classic because obviously the company has to stay true to their image of business wear, but its clear Ann Taylor wants to cater to a younger demographic with their up-to-date collections.

Now, as a new customer I always first notice is color selection. While shopping I can’t stand walking into a store, and not understanding the color scheme. It’s fine not having trending colors in my opinion, but if it’s not organized correctly around the store it pisses me off. Ann Taylor is great at color schemes, other than the patterns. The next thing I notice is the color usage in the store. Ann Taylor is on top of their color trend for SP/13, using colors like: Monaco Blue, Nectarine, Emerald, Lemon Zest, & African Violet. Now, Ann Taylor does put a twist on their usage of colors, you will still see FA/12 colors like Pink Fambe and Ultramarine Green, maybe because we’re in between seasons.

Then other factors come into play with the color usage in Ann Taylor. Depending on what style category it belongs to like: casual chic, suite shop, dress shop, or feature(in the front of store) depicts the usage of the colors. Usually the trending colors are in feature, and you’ll see the rotation of colors from there on.

I also enjoy the coordination between the colors and shades(black&white).

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